Adventures of Tommy

Hello I am Tommy Pham. Welcome to my adventures!



January held a lot of change for us here in Turkey. In Kayseri winter ended early, we reached our halfway point, we started a new year, and made new resolutions that had a unique light shed upon them from previous years; how to make the rest of our exchange as fulfilling and memorable as…


New friends and old friends 

10 Things About Living Abroad: No Turning Back


1. Freedom. A new sense of freedom. Freedom to do and go as I please. Freedom to travel. Freedom to make choices without a safety net. Freedom to be yourself. (True! I’ve never felt really pressured to stay somewhere because you “have to” because of friends, family,…

A little bit of December: A Third of the Way In!


Before I knew it our third month in Turkey was here. Along with this realization also came winter, and, unlike my home in California, with it came snow. Living in the city of Kayseri; a place renowned for the presence of Turkey’s highest mountain, Mt. Erciyes (pronounced “Ehr-jee-yes”) and…